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On behalf of the NIFTY Group, I would like to offer my sincere thanks for your ongoing support.

The emergence of the Internet of Things, in which all manner of devices are connected to the Internet, is driving dramatic changes in how we live. With it is coming a world in which previously unavailable massive data sets are consolidated on the cloud, where it is analyzed and transformed into information and then put to use in services that underpin our way of life.

As part of this new world, NIFTY is seeking to lead the way by providing services that improve convenience and enrich the lives of our customers. This involves us in the continual pursuit of technical innovation, taking on new challenges rather than simply accepting the status quo.

In each area of business, we are seeking to provide Internet services that customers can use with confidence in this new era of superabundant information, continuing to develop NIFTY Cloud, a cloud computing service, and further expanding our NifMo and the other high-speed mobile communication services. To accelerate innovation, we are also strengthening cross-group partnership and our collaborations with numerous other companies in Japan and elsewhere. While maintaining our three core businesses of ISP operation, web services, and cloud computing, we also intend to combine these to supply services that satisfy the demands of the IoT era.

Holding steadfast to our corporate message of “With Us, You Can”, the staff of NIFTY Group, a team of highly creative and talented, will continue working together as a company that contributes to making customers’ dreams come true.

Feb 4,2016

Kenji Mitake

Kenji Mitake, President
Kenji Mitake