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On behalf of the NIFTY Group, I would like to offer my sincere thanks for your constant support.

As customer requirements have broadened and dramatic technical innovations emerged, NIFTY has found itself in an environment where an extremely rapid change is demanded on a large scale. The spread of handheld devices and cloud computing has made customers' circumstances change greatly.

The NIFTY Group would like to deliver services useful in making customers’ daily lives easier and richer as fast as possible. To realize this, we will gain a quick grasp of the changing environment, cope quickly with it, and continue to take on new challenges without getting caught up in established patterns. Furthermore, we strengthen the ties within the Group at the same time as tightening the binds between our variety of partners domestically and internationally.

In every business sector, NIFTY continues to pursue the quest to be an Internet service that customers seek, including the various developments of NIFTY Cloud, a cloud computing service, further expansion of high-speed mobile communications services, and strengthening of the social media segment.

The NIFTY Group will continue taking on challenges and fearlessly welcoming change so that we can always meet your expectations. Backed by our corporate message of “With Us, You Can,” all our employees, who are creative and have rich characters, will work as one to continue going forward as a company that contributes to making customers’ dreams come true.

June 19, 2012

Kenji Mitake

Kenji Mitake, President
Kenji Mitake